Home sprinkler systems donít have to be expensive and inefficient - Home sprinkler systems donít have to be expensive and inefficient Ė because the new VariThrow sprinkler solves both problems. The affordable VariThrow system waters your lawn without the water waste of traditional sprinklers. As the VariThrow sprinkler head rotates, the water spray distance (called "throw") constantly self-adjusts to the exact shape of your lawn.

VariThrow Intelligent Sprinkler easy setup

Read what one of our first customers has to say:"I just wanted to send you a note to thank you for this wonderful product, it is indeed an Intelligent Sprinkler.... It is simply amazing how well it covers the entire lawn... How much time and money did I save ? I have no desire to put a pencil to it, but it's substantial... now Mom has the best lawn in the neighborhood."
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One VariThrow sprinkler for each section of your lawn - To install a conventional sprinkler system for the house pictured above would typically cost $400-$600 for the necessary 16 sprinkler heads, and $1600-$3000 for labor. The same coverage with a VariThrow installation can be done for $100-$150. And with the VariThrow sprinkler, your existing grass lawn won't have to be dug up to install the PVC pipe required for traditional pop-up sprinklers. VariThrow can be installed right next to your house with no digging.

VariThrow sprays water up to the edge of your grass lawn - The problem has always been that traditional sprinkler systems basically throw water up into the air... with the hope that some will land on your grass. Itís a great waste of water. But with a VariThrow sprinkler, there's little to no water overspray to get on sidewalks, driveways, or your car. VariThrow sprays water up to the edge of your grass lawn Ė and no further. Itís the Intelligent Sprinkler.

VariThrow's self-adjusting, variable water throw makes traditional sprinkler systems obsolete in many types of situations. If you have a house with a sidewalk dividing the lawn, it will usually require only two VariThrow sprinklers -- one for each section. And theyíre so smart, they can water around corners to cover adjoining front and side sections of your yard.

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The Intelligent Sprinkler by VariThrow
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